Korede Aderele
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I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria with three siblings including my twin brother Kolade. I grew up in Surulere but went to boarding school for 6 years in Iloko-Ijesha, Osun state.

I finished secondary school, did a gap year to work and prep for college, then moved to Philadelphia to study computer science at Drexel University. Notablty at Drexel, I served on the e-board of the school's NSBE chapter and two quarters as an RA.

Since 2016, I've done internships at Google, Coinbase and Darklang. I got to work across developer tools, infrastructure and product, building skills around product management and customer relationships.

I was on the founding team of Rivet and learned a lot, especially about leadership. It was simultaneuosly challenging and fulfilling.

I've since moved on from that, worked on the infrastructure team at Notion and now the "workflows" team at Metronome

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