Korede Aderele
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writing and photos

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I learned to code so i could do scripting in CAD software

I've been living in the United States since 2016, when I came to study computer science at Drexel University. At Drexel, i've served on the e-board of the school's NSBE chapter. I also spent two quarters as an RA.

Some of the more notable things to happen to me since 2016 have included getting an internship at Google in my freshman year. Since then i've interned on Coinbase's infrastructure team (spring '18) and helped build parts of Darklang in the months leading up to their launch at Strangeloop 2019.

In 2020, I cofounded a company and got to learn a ton about building products, talking to users to determine their needs, and leading a small team towards accomplishing a goal. It was simultaneuosly challenging and fulfilling.

I've since moved on from that, and now I work on the infrastructure team at Notion.

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