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Working Alone vs On a Team

Oct 16, 2018

In terms of standard ways of organizing tasks and setting goals, I think it’s important to make some key distinctions between doing so on a personal project vs doing so while working with a team on something.

There’s a lot of different methodologies for working in teams (especially in the software industry) that work well in the multi-person setting and might help organizations scale.

However, i think a lot of those strategies can be pretty tedious if you try to use them to organize your own work. I know this because i’ve tried to run intricate trello boards to emulate scrum processes on personal projects, and i quickly got exhausted and gave up on operating work tracking tools while barely doing any actual work

I would love to read more about personal productivity practices espcially for software engineers building things by or for themselves.

Perhaps the reverence attached to lone builders/inventors comes from the general lack of consensus around what it takes to do so.

Perhaps it’s also because theres generally more variance between one individual and the other and different groups, in terms of work, that it’s harder for such a consensus to be reached.

edited June 8 2020

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