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Feb 27, 2019 - 1:18 AM

realizing that to some extent that i share things, not to seem “smart” or to signal anything specific, but because i feel some innate need to externalize as much of my consciousness and thought as possible

this feeling seems almost like a survival instanct in ways i don’t have all the words to explain… for one thing, it feels like profound thoughts aren’t worth having if they aren’t externalized somehow, feels like a gross disservice to myself otherwise

i’ve tweeted in the past about how the internet/computers could be what helps us live forever. the internet presents something of a though-sensitive film onto which all that which flows through out minds can be impressed upon for all eternity.

i’ve also been thinking a lot about the idea of signaling, especially as it relates to finding community by exposing one’s thoughts and feelings. i haven’t quite found the words to externalize my thoughts on this but there’s a good mat dryhurst interview that does a much better job than i could on this (screenshotted excerpt below)

"mat dryhurst interview screenshot"

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