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a bunch of essays i've written, many of which are incomplete or a mess of thoughts mostly about topics in computer science, plus some stuff about culture, pan-africanism, sociology, art and some personal self-reflection

make logs not lists   2020-02-19

outlet   2019-09-21

whacky idea for radical wealth redistribution   2019-04-13

incidental complexity pollutes creative process   2019-03-02

sharing things   2019-02-27

stateful vs stateless actors   2019-02-21

the object oriented web   2019-02-14

programmer confidence   2019-02-06

computers and interactivity   2019-01-24

art v artist   2019-01-23

layer 1 vs layer 2 programming   2019-01-04

synonymous interfaces   2019-01-03

exploration vs consumption in apps   2018-12-24

understanding money and power in nigeria   2018-12-03

what s the difference between trustful and trustless systems   2018-11-26

Cyclical and Acyclical Evolution   2018-11-26

decentralized naming   2018-11-19

Operating System   2018-11-19

Childhood Friends   2018-11-16

Crypto in Prisons   2018-11-14

Virtualization   2018-11-13

Digital Asynchrony   2018-11-13

Contextual Leverage   2018-11-13

Context switching vs Multitasking   2018-11-13

Consumption vs Creation   2018-11-03

Navigating   2018-11-01

Philosophy vs Sociology   2018-10-24

Programming as a Meta tool   2018-10-22

Notes on As We May Think   2018-10-17

Working Alone vs On a Team   2018-10-16

Expressing Onself   2018-10-16

haskell resources   2018-10-12

Project Sizing   2018-10-08

Composability   2018-09-06

On Work and Creating Things   2018-08-24

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